CYJABR Community Jabber

CYJABR Community Jabber

CYJABR Community Jabber

This service is offered to protect the threatened luxury of private conversation. It runs on a Hardened Gentoo system and uses ejabberd. It is a stable communication platform.

We are run by Occulus Omega which is a hosting company on the deep web. They provide our metal and some security pentesting by their team. CYJABR was started by Cyrus the Great from CYRUSERV some time ago.

Server address: cyjabr4pfzupo7pg.onion

Tor encrypts the connection so this server doesn't use SSL/TLS. In many clients the "use encryption if available" setting is appropriate.

This server has no rules of any kind. We also offer an IRC server where you can create channels and chat. We do not offer many services on the server such as nick and channel registration.

There are no rules on this server.

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